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Arthur Shelley lives in multicultural Melbourne, Australia with his wife, Joy and two daughters, Cathy and Helen.

Although a research microbiologist by formal education, he has spent the last ten years working on international projects requiring cultural change, relationship building and influencing how people adapt their work. Through this experience, he became aware of the importance of recognizing behavioural patterns and engaging people in order to influence them to achieve mutually acceptable outcomes.

When he (privately) began adding creature metaphors to make the job more entertaining, interacting with others became much more fun and far less stressful.

Arthur Shelley is a creature that has adapted many times in response to major environmental changes. Originally born in outback Australia, he grew up in a sparse and dry environment where a sense of humour and the ability to make the best of whatever was available, were the most important survival capabilities.

As an adolescent, his family relocated to the rainforests of North Queensland, where his dry humour was soaked in a much more multicultural atmosphere and his thinking influenced by (amongst other factors) the retired hippies who turned capitalistic and ran the local markets.

Throughout his professional life, he has traveled extensively and has lived or worked in many Australasian and European countries as well as working on American projects. From this, he developed an appreciation of the importance of diversity of thinking and culture in finding the best way forward.

Despite constantly adapting, four basic characteristics have always remained:

  • interest in human and animal behaviour
  • trying to understand why people do the things they do
  • reading about how others think and
  • a desire to improve any process or situation.

This book brings these together a lifetime of these hobbies, adds a dash of humour and the simplicity of character profiles. The hope being, that this recipe enables others to be more adaptive in how they approach their relationships and get more pleasure (and less stress) from them.

Visit Arthur at The Organizational Zoo: A Survival Guide to Workplace Behavior

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The Organizational Zoo: A Survival Guide to Workplace Behavior

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