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Catherine Wilkins

Catherine Wilkins

CATHERINE WILKINS is a healer, therapist, author, artist and medical scientist. Following completion of her studies in Veterinary Medicine at Sydney University, she worked in large and small animal practice in Australia. Her paintings have been featured in several exhibitions and highlight the energy inherent within her subjects. For the past twelve years she has been studying, researching and working with the human energy field and its potential for health and healing. Her researches enabled her to combine the reliability, consistency and systematic methodology of modern medicine with the far-ranging perception, finesse and health-giving properties of energetic therapy. This is Fractology. Currently, Catherine focuses on teaching and training healers. She is founder and director of Fractology in Sydney, Australia.

Fractology offers lectures and workshops on Metaphysical Abilities and Healing Science in Australia and New Zealand. The correspondence program is designed for people from great distances. People from all over the world come to study. This correspondence program explores the principles of healing, including its theoretical, physical, energetic, psychological, and physiological basis. It draws from scientific and metaphysical sources to bring together many aspects of human experience that describe and explain the healing process. It is open to both beginners and to more advanced healing or health care professionals.

For more information please write, call, email or fax: Fractology, 1 Booth St, Annandale, NSW, 2038, Australia. (+61 2) 9552 6574, Mobile: (+61) 0402 43 9896 Fax: (+61 2) 9660 1199


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