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When Dave Malcolm took sabbatical leave in 1970, the voices of the youth movement of the 60s had already spoken to him-his lily-white world was about to change. Students in those days often seemed to understand and accomplish things that he and his colleagues could scarcely fathom, and it no longer made sense to continue to teach in the old authoritarian way.

Hired as a consultant by the U.S. Office of Education, Dave spent the next two years working to recruit members of underrepresented groups (code words for people of color) into higher education. When he returned to San Diego State University, he founded the Community-Based Block, a graduate-level counseling program that selects students for their differing life experiences, cultural backgrounds and world views and encourages them to take ownership of the program and in the process confront their own racism, sexism, ageism, elitism, homophobia and other biases.

Educated at Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard, Boston and Northwestern Universities, Dave Malcolm is a retired university professor who devoted the last 20 years of his professional life to programs designed to bring more members of underrepresented groups into higher education. He lives in San Diego, California

A note from Dave Malcolm taken from Chapter 7

"This I have come to believe. Racism impacts us all. It diminishes us all. Despite many cosmetic advances during my lifetime, it remains almost as pervasive, intransigent and corrupting today as ever. It is not a simple thing, and we will get nowhere if we persist in trying to deal with it simplistically. It is not simply something that you or I do or don't do, or that the KKK or a Hitler does or doesn't do, or the manufacturers or the bankers or whoever. It is more like a dangerous virus or cancer that has established itself in the body of our social system and is seriously damaging all of our social structures.

"The cycle of racism is self-sustaining, deeply embedded in our past, flourishing in our present, and threatening to our future. Everyone of us who engages in, benefits from, or colludes with any practice of unequal treatment based solely on ethnicity, color, or race--and is apathetic about it--shares in the responsibility for its perpetuation. The challenge racism poses is great; the pain it imposes is greater."

Aslan Books by David Malcomn

A Whole New Ball Game: A close-up look at Diversity, Racism, Sexism Affirmative Action, Cultural Pluralism & the unfinished business remaining in Twenty-first Century America

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