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Gail Burton

Gail Burton, a gourmet cook and former food columnist, was also a Candida sufferer. She found the diet to be the most important but difficult part of the treatment program, for when she deviated from it, her symptoms returned. She soon realized that, in order to make a full recovery, she had to stick to the diet. And to accomplish this she knew she had to have enjoyable recipies, using good substitutions for problem ingredients. She began experimenting with her existing recipies and developing others. She also studied to be more informed about Candida infection and became a volunteer couselor at the Candida Research and Information Foundation in Hayward, California as well as a couselor for a Candida support group in Burlingame, California. Gail and her husband now live in Minnesota.  Visit Gail at or email her at


Aslan Books by Gail Burton

The Candida Control Cookbook

Candida - The Silent Epidemic

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