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Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.

Sirah Vettese

Sirah Vettese Ph.D., is  a practicing relationship counselor and co-author of Lifemates, the Love Fitness Program for a Lasting Relationship.She is a skilled teacher of spirituality, a health educator, seminar leader and has co-produced a number of best-selling audio programs, including Deep Relaxation, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, and Healing Anxiety with Herbs .

Dr. Vettese has performed on numerous albums, including Celestine Prophecy, Ayman Doorways  and a new release in Europe,  Calm Your Mind.   She has been a featured guest on  Geraldo, Sally Jessy Raphael, Carol and Marilyn,  CNN, and  Sonya Live.

Dr. Vettese is available for media interviews and lecture engagements and can be reached at her office in Del Mar California.  Phone (619) 481-9550.  Fax:  (619) 792-2333.  Website:


Aslan Books by Sirah Vettese

What Happened to the Prince I Married: Spiritual Healing for a Wounded Relationship

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