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A Ballad for Allison Porter

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Price $ 19.95 - ISBN 978-0-944031-08-7 or 0944031-08-0

By Gary Solomon

In 12 hours Allison Porter will be executed for the brutal murders of her next door neighbors.

Allison has not said a word to anyone since the day of her arrest. When news reporter,Kevin Pratt, is assigned to interview the taciturn Allison Porter, astonishingly,she opens up to him.Kevin leaves the interview determined to uncover the life of the real Allison Porter. Reachin Allison's vacant home, Kevin finds his way to a dark closet in Allison's childhood bedroom. Finding an old shoe box with miscellaniuos keepsakes,kevin picks through the pieces of memorabilia. As he touches each item in the box he flashes back to Allison's past.Before the day is through Allison Porter will be dead and Kevin Pratt will vow to keep her memory alive in,A Ballad for Allison Porter.

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