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A Whole New Ball Game: A close-up look at Diversity, Racism, Sexism Affirmative Action, Cultural Pluralism & the unfinished business remaining in Twenty-first Century America

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By: David Malcolm

Price $16.95 - ISBN 0-944031-98-6

Cultural pluralism is among the most promising legacies bequeathed by 20th century Americans to their 21st century successors-and one of the most troubling. It's a whole new ball game, one in which the old ground rules no longer apply. Cultural pluralism is explored from the author's profoundly personal perspective.

A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME by Dave Malcolm describes the transition from a predominantly white, patriarchal, homogeneous and stable social/cultural order into a more pluralistic society-and challenges us to examine each step on the uneasy road that lies ahead. This book is essentially an "open letter" about living with diversity in the 21st century.

It is written for:

  • White males-because so much of their whiteness has long been invisible to them.

  • Women and people of color-because so much of the book is about them.

  • Other peoples of difference-because what applies to gender and color often touches them as well.

Readers will:

  • Accompany the author as he recounts his personal journey, and how he learned to see the world with new eyes.

  • Explore society's self-perpetuating cycles of racism and sexism, white ethnocentrism, and so-called "affirmative action" programs.

  • Examine such elusive concepts as "culture" and "reality" through the lens of cultural difference.

  • Visit the "small island of diversity" in which the author spent much of the last 19 years of his professional life-the multicultural graduate-level counseling program he created at San Diego State University.

"…refreshing, original and practical…how we can better hear one another across the great chasms of race and gender." -Robert Reich, Brandeis University; former U. S. Secretary of Labor

"The chapter on racism is 'tha' BOMB!…what people of color have been trying to say for a hundred years, and no one would listen. Coming from an Anglo man-it's right on!" -Pamela Perry Smal, Cal SOAP (California Student Opportunity and Access Project.)

"One of a kind! …a wonderful supplementary text for numerous college programs, written in an informal reader-friendly style. The chapters on 'The Cycle of Racism' and 'Affirmative ReAction' in particular should be required reading for all." -Christine Downing, professor emeritus, author of The Goddess and Myths and Mysteries of Same Sex Love

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