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The Candida Control Cookbook
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The Candida Control Cookbook

By Gail Burton

Price $16.95 - ISBN 0-944031-67-6


The diet that doctors recommend to patients with Candida severely restricts many of the foods that make life pleasurable --all sugars, most fresh fruits, milk and milk products, white rice, barley, wheat, most cheeses, all alcohol and soda, mushrooms, coffee, and most flours.

When Gail Burton, a gourmet cook and former food columnist from California, learned how drastically her medical condition limited her menu options, she wrote The Candid Control Cookbook  to help fellow sufferers reintroduce variety and taste into their otherwise bland diets---without sacrificing their health. She includes:

  • Over 150 wholesome yeast-free gourmet recipes, from appetizers to desserts
  • A food chart of problem and permitted foods
  • A 14-day menu planner
  • Lists of safe substitute products and sources, including manufacturers and their addresses to make shopping easy

This new revised edition, endorsed by the Candida Research and Education Foundation, also contains information on why most Candida sufferers don't get well and how to remedy the situation.

"Candida is a toxicity syndrome, an affliction that bugs millions of women, literally. Cookbook author Gail Burton has performed a public service."

---Ms. Magazine
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