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From the Piano Bench

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From the Piano Bench

By: Roger Rossi

Trade Paper: Price $ 16.95 - ISBN 0-944031-87-0

What do Rodney Dangerfield, JFK Jr., Tony Bennett, Evel Knievel, Jerry Lewis, Johnny Mathis, and Shelly Winters have in common? Answer:An encounter with, piano player & bandleader Roger Rossi! Take a tour down memory lane with an unabashed fan as well as a master musician in this new book From the Piano Bench, Memorable Moments with Mobsters, Moguls, Movie Stars and more.

After 40 years making a living tickling the ivories, Roger Rossi recalls his experience with celebrities and other notorious people, often under bizarre and embarrassing circumstances.  Reminisce with him about:

 ·        The time Rodney Dangerfield first used his  "I  just can't get no respect" refrain with Roger's  Aunt Nancy.

·        The inside dish & backstage life of some night clubs and those who work and play there.

·        Mobster "Joe Dogs" Iannuzzi who gets baseball batted and leadpiped to within an inch of his life…only to return and catalyze the downfall of one of the mob's strongest Godfathers, Paul Castellano.

·        How and why Rossi avoided his mob friends  "help" in the entertainment field AND how he feels about that today.

·        Shelly Winters who flirts unabashedly with a younger Roger Rossi.

·        Princess Diana who graciously bestowed an unforgettable kindness upon two star-struck musicians.

·        Ray Bolger who swept a dozen ladies off their feet after consenting to an impromptu performance so long as Bandleader Rossi promised not to identify him by name…and find out why Ray Bolger was incognito.

·        Johnny Mathis cuddling with a handsome male member of his dance troupe after escaping the bedlam of hundreds of screaming female fans by ducking into a limo.

·        70 all true anecdotes about Tough Guys, Personalities, Musicians, Athletes, Vocalists, and Gangsters.

This classic collection of true stories as told through the eyes of a 'better than average' piano player is sure to take you back in time from 1957 to present with delight. This book makes a wonderful gift.

Features humorous, sad, and enlightening stories (all unique and all true!) about Perry Como, Jack Nicklaus, Itzhak Perlman, Liberace, Joe Louis, Rocky Graziano,  Jimmy Hoffa, Whitey Ford, Vic Damone, Melissa Manchester, Tennesee Ernie Ford, Robin Leach, Chuck Mangione and many more. 


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