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The Gift of Wounding: Finding Hope and Heart in Challenging Circumstances

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By: Andrew Auw, Ph.D.

Price $13.95 - ISBN 0-944031-79-X

Whether it's the loss of a loved one, moral lapses, financial mishaps or ill health, almost everyone experiences difficult times when their mental stability is not in jeopardy but a wise counselor can be of help.  This new book by psychologist Andre Auw, Ph.D. shows readers many new ways to take a fresh look at their troubles and find the route to healing.

A Former catholic priest who co-founded the Center for Studies of the Person with Dr. Carl Rogers, Auw presents a holostic perspective on pain as a gift that promotes personal growth.  With full respect for the complexity and subleties of difficult experiences, he explains how to exchange blaming, bitterness and stuckness for insight and empowerment.


The Gift of Wounding blends stories, allegories, case histories, meditative inspiration and some of Auw's own most personal ife lessons in a highly readable style.  Rather than a self-help program, he offers illuminating metaphors and hope.

In contrast to the common view of therapy as a one-way service performed for a client by a professional or expert, Auw considers the therapeutic relationship a mutual effort leading to healing in both the client and therapist.  Thus the boiok appeals to therapists seeking perspective on their own work as well as those who might fit the client role.

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