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Intuition Workout

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By: Nancy Rosanoff

Price $ 12.95 - ISBN 0-944031-14-5

"A workout in cultivating our inner resources and building self confidence. Once you know how to do it, you can adapt the techniques to any situation."

---New York Daily News

"An excellent 'how to' guide for reaching and developing the latent intuitive capabilities within each of us."

--- Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 astronaut

Where do you turn when you're in a deep personal crisis like a marriage breakup or a business disaster? Or in everyday situations, how do you make the right decision about which clothes to wear to an important meeting, or which route home from work has the least traffic?

Many times during the day we all need a reliable source of trustworthy advice. Intuition leads you to a storehouse of information whose scope reaches far beyond the confines of your conscious mind. Through your intuition, you can discover inner wisdom you never knew you had. You can discover the course of action that's uniquely right for you. You can find guidance in making calm, stress-free, creative decisions. Successful entrepreneurs, scientists, executives, artists and lovers all have the ability to tap into intuition---and far from being a mysterious, lucky, unpredictable force, this book shows that intuition is simply a skill that can be learned.

Intuition Workout trains your intuition to be accessible anytime. With Nancy Rosanoff's practical and fun eight-week program, you learn to access your deepest knowing immediately, whenever you need it. Use your intuition's guidance to enrich:

Your relationships * Your finances * Your work

"Nancy Rosanoff will teach you, step by step and thought by thought, how to fine tune that internal guidance system called intuition."

---Roy Rowan, author, The Intuitive Manager

"Teaches people to summon up a mental workout that puts them in touch with their creativity. And once they take hold of their innate genius, those creative blocks vanish."

Advertising Age

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