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Lovers for Life

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By: Daniel Ellenberg and Judith Bell

Price $ 16.95 - ISBN 0944031617

Everyone Wants a Lover for Life

How do you create a relationship so emotionally satisfying, sexually ecstatic, and spiritually fulfilling that you wouldn't dream of being with anyone else? Lovers for Life brings together profound ideas and discoveries from various cultures and disciplines to create a powerful blueprint for a successful, long-term relationship. It is a straightforward and accessible users guide to successful coupling -- and jubilant eroticism.

Judith and Daniel, professional relationship counselors and a happily married couple, inspire, support, and challenge you to try new and powerful ways of relating. They understand and address the inevitable challenges you may face in your relationship: communication barriers, emotional defensiveness, sexual shame, and attractions to other people. They give you practical tools to make your relationship truly flourish. In these pages you will find dozens of masterful tips and exercises designed to bring out the best in you and your partner. If you are single, this book prepares you for a great relationship.

You will find yourself inspired by candid stories of couples who have gone through the fires of conflict and not only emerged unscathed, but have created the kind of relationships most people consider impossible. So take the lid off your relationship potential and take on the challenge of becoming lovers for life.

"Lovers for Life gives us a solid foundation for building lasting, intimate relationships. Filled with wisdom, humor, and real-life experience. A provocative guide for successful partnerships."

--John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You & Your Father Didn't Know

"A beautiful blend of useful information on sex and love. A book of uncommon heart, humor, and down-to-earth humanity."

--Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD. and Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. authors of Conscious Loving and At the Speed of Life

"What you will find between the covers of this book will be more exciting and more illuminating than you could imagine a book of this nature would be. Dive between the covers and enjoy!"

--Stan Dale, D.H.S., founder of the Human Awareness Institute and author of Fantasies Can Set You Free and My Child, My Self: How to Raise the Child You Always Wanted to Be
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