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Magnificent Addiction

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By: Philip Kavanaugh

Price $ 16.95 - ISBN 0-944031-36-6

This book will decisively change the way you see addiction and emotional disorders---forever. From the unique vantage point of a physician who has treated thousands of patients with emotional disorders, yet has undergone a major life-breakdown and healing himself, this revolutionary book takes all the assumptions that therapists have about treatment of emotional disorders and turns them upside down.

Our unhealthy addictions aren't bad, believes Dr. Kavanaugh, they are misguided attempts at solutions. So are emotional disorders. The same yearnings recure again and again---expressed as emotional crises or destructive addictions---because they're trying insistently to prod us to reconnect with our inner wellspring of creativity and spiritual fulfillment. The energy which feuls all of these is the same energy that furnishes our creative power. At the deepest level we are all addicted. It is not addiction that destroys our lives, he tells us, but what we become addicted to. Dr. Kavanaugh forcefully argues for passionate addiction to life!

This profoundly encouraging book offers a radical three-step program that has helped hundreds of people in addiction surrender to the guidance of their own spiritual source and achieve full and permanent recovery. Dr. Kavanaugh's work is destined to have a major impact on the whole way our society perceives and treats emotional disorders.

"This book will change lives! The author's own story of recovery is deeply moving and inspiring, be he offers so much more --- acompletely new and liberating understanding of addiction that reaches to our deepest core. Filled with hope, love and gentle but firm encouragement, every page promises to bring us closer to our tru selves. This is a mahor contribution to the newest generation of books aimed at self-understanding and personal transformation!"

---Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D. author, FOLLOW YOUR BLISS

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