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Manual for the Mind

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Price $ $12.95 - ISBN 0-944031-70-6

Manual For the Mind: 5 Keys to Psychic Ability

A best seller from Australia and New Zealand
Teaches how to:
Increase personal vitality & heal yourself by controlling energy flow
Build strength & presence thru more effective use of energy fields
Connect more deeply with your true Self and that of others
Understand holographic reality & its connection to psychic abilities
Develop skilled intuition
Impact your life and environment more positively
Improve your psychic abilities safely, reliably and flexibly in any situation
Master the 5 keys

"Manual for the Mind is more than a psychic experience, it contains the keys that opens the doors to the true inner powers of the human mind. Catherine, thank you for such an important contribution to a new awakened humanity.", Dr. John F. Demartini Author of The Breakthrough Experience - A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation

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