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Maximizing  Me:  30 Lessons on the Journey to Self-Empowerment

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By: Hart Cunningham

Price $15.95 - ISBN 0-944031-99-4

What is your maximum potential? If you could reach the upper limits of your capacity to achieve and create, what would that be?

From an early age, Hart Cunningham developed an exceptional ability to focus his energy and talents on whatever creative endeavor he chose to pursue. Through disciplined self-mastery he founded numerous still-flourishing global businesses, all before the age of 30.

In this easy-to-read collection of lessons, Cunningham shares with the reader his hard-driving concepts and invaluable private axioms for personal success-the worldview of a determined individual, challenged to compete, to rise and to conquer all obstacles.

Through Cunningham's insightful, dynamic learning process, you will:

  • Embrace your most outrageous dream and create the life map to reach it.
  • Overcome any inertia that mires you in failed habits and choices.
  • Reinvent yourself as the person you truly want to be.
  • Resolve inner conflicts that divide your will and dilute your effectiveness.
  • Reject egoistic self-deception and keep a clear fix on reality.
  • Experience the vitality that flows from a clear sense of purpose.
  • Follow a series of well-chosen goals all the way to your dream.

  • Along with each chapter of advice, an exercise invites you to reflect, take action and transform your relationship with yourself and others.

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