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Mind, Music, & Imagery

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By: Stephanie Merritt

Price $ 13.95 - ISBN 0-944031-62-5

Music affects our physical well-being, even alters our behavior, often without our being aware of it. Stephanie Merritt chooses five popular works of classical music as a starting point to harness the power of music and enhance our lives. Other forms of music, such as jazz and New Age, are included to enrich our experience. Working with music and imagery is like dreaming while you are awake and leads to greater self-discovery to make our dreams come true.


Treble Clef

"Stephanie Merritt's Mind, Music and Imagery reveals very specifically how to use the power of music to heal our emotions and empower our spirit. She opens windows of the soul to promote personal growth, reduce stress, inspire creativity, and enhance love relationships.

"I whole heartedly recommend Mind, Music and Imagery to all mental health professionals, teachers, healers, parents, and children --- and to all who wish to hear and learn more about the muse in their soul. Read this beautiful work please."

--- Harold H Bloomfield, M.D. author of How to Survive the Loss of a Love and How to Heal Depression

Foreword by Robert A. Johnson, author of He , She, We, and Inner Work

Rose and Music

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