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More than Just Sex

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By: Daniel Beaver

Price $ 12.95 - ISBN 0-944031-35-8

"Brings some preventive medicine into marriages programmed for problems. The missing ingredient which causes the shift in marriage is intimacy or emotional closeness."

--Tempo magazine

The sexual revolution, says relationships counselor Daniel Beaver, M.A., MFCC, has failed! While our generation is freer than ever before to explore and experiment, our superficial liberation masks a chronic sense of failure and anxiety about unfulfilling sexual experiences. Western culture is fixated on the quantity of sex, measuring women's breasts and men's penises, counting the number of sexual partners we have --- yet the quality of sex is largely ignored. When you peek into couples' bedrooms the reality is often failure, disappointment and conflict.

Therapist Beaver, who has taught thousands how to turn "meat and potatoes" sex into a gourmet feast, brings a wealth of experience to the many thorny issues confronting today's couples. This book gives you the basic training essential to navigating through the fogs and fears of cultural and sexual conditioning. More Than Just Sex is a clear, authoritative guide to such topics as:

  • What to do when one partner wants sex and the other doesn't
  • The hidden secrets of sexual arousal
  • Different codes men and women use for sex ---and the trouble they cause
  • How often is normal?
  • The meaning of fantasies of the perfect partner
  • Avoiding common blocks of sexual desire
  • Subconscious Victorian and Puritan attitudes that still sabotage us
  • Learning to talk to your partner about sex without anxiety
  • Sexual resentments and how to deal with them
  • How to have a great sex life together after having children
  • Coping with rejection
  • Emotional intimacy and talking to your partner about sex

Rather than needing a whole library of information on sexuality to understand the common questions and dilemmas facing couples today, this book gives you a thorough, one-stop, up-to-date reference guide to the dynamics of sexual relationships.

"Beaver teaches that a couple must be lovers outside the bedroom in order to enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience in the bedroom."

---The Tribune

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