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Reel Therapy

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Price $ 14.95 - ISBN 0-944031-83-8

WHO NEEDS A THERAPIST'S COUCH when you sit in the confort of your living room and watch the movies recommended by Dr. Gary Solomon, Americas's leading cinematherapist. In Reel Therapy, Dr. Gary Solomon "The Movie Doctor" prescribes specific movies to watch in order to help you deal with all of life's emotional problems. From tearjerkers like Brians Song to dysfunctional family dramas like Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Reel Therapy takes the reader on a therapeutic journey to the heart of cinema's healing powers.

Complete with cast credits, movie reviews, and psychological analyses, Reel Therapy will help you enjoy film on a completely different level. So, if you're looking for an emotional escape or a few larger-than-life characters to empathize with, just pop in one of Dr. Solomon's "prescriptions" and take what any given movie has to offer.

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