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The Sacred Weave of Mothering

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Price $ 13.95 - ISBN 0-944031-91-9

Once I started reading The Sacred Weave of Mothering I could not put it down.  I felt understood by Marianne’s words.  I return to her stories time and time again and I share her insight with friends and family.  I love this book. Celeste Carlin mother of two children


This Book Celebrates And Inspires The Soulful Mother In All Of Us!

Marianne Chasen offers a touching, amusing and truthful portrayal of a mother’s struggle to create meaning and value in the often frustrating daily routines of family life with her four young children. Her ability to open a door to consciousness and illuminate a transcendent language and enlightened approach to raising children will encourage you to find and celebrate the abundance of sacred teachings in your own everyday parenting.


     Reading The Sacred Weave of Mothering brings:

·        Hope       - Know that you can save any situation with simple truth!

·        Courage  - Learn to make higher – sometimes harder – choices!

·        Truth       - Embrace the soulful stories of your existence!

·        Faith        - Restore reverence to your role as a mother!


 “Every stitch of this book has been written to honor the authentic struggle of the soulful mother.  The soulful mother doesn’t always get it right.  In fact, we make a lot of mistakes.  But we hang in there.  We search and we suffer and we wake up each morning with the promise to love our children better.” Excerpt from the book


A gift from Marianne’s heart to yours – life’s lessons told with love, humor, and spirit.  Marianne captures us with her stories and makes us pay attention to the sacred messages of everyday life.  There is not a mother who won’t relate to her trials and learn from her wisdom.  Debby Peoples, C.S.W., Co-Author of Experiencing Infertility


Marianne illuminates the dark corners of mothering and inspires a way out with hope and grace.  Kim Sarasohn, C.S.W., Psychotherapist, Private Practice, New York City        

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