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The Inner Lover

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By Valerie Harms

Price $15.95 - ISBN 0-944031-81-1



Understanding why we are passionately attracted to certain people can lead us to the "Inner Lover", a creative aspect of our own nature. All relationships, including brief encounters, fantasies, or unconsummated but desired merging with those of the opposite or same sex can be seen not as mistakes but as tools to heighten one's evolution as a passionate human being. The images, feelings, and fantasies that are aroused when we fall in love-- in brief encounters and lasting bonds, in unrequited adn "impossible relationships"-- are the key to hidden potentials within ourselves. In this book, Valerie Harms presents techniques of journaling, dreamwork, and imaginary dialogues to guide the reader on an adventure of self-discovery in which the powerful energies of love may be transformed into creativity and fulfillment

 A useful tool for fucusing on issues of love, sex and power of relations.

-- Library Journal

I found confort in my sorrows and inspiration in my dreams from the messages that I first discovered in Ms. Harms book. If you dare to read the Inner Lover you will evolve, guaranteed.

--Carroll Parrott Blue,
Professor Media Studies,
San Diego State University

A refreshing antidote to the codependency literature. Harms tells us not how to disengage ourselves from others, but how to use our attractions to discover and develop our inner potential.

--Robert A. Johnson,
author of He, She and Inner Work

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