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The Natural Way to a Trouble-Free Pregnancy:  The Toxemia-Thiamine Connection

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By: John B. Irwin, M.D.

Price $19.95

ISBN 0-944031-78-1 or 978-0-944031-78-0

Protect YOUR pregnancy with thiamine!

This book is a one-stop guide to a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery.
Chapters deal with the roles of the immune system and placenta in pregnancy health; causes of pregnancy infections; nutrition and weight management; the special dangers of diabetes in pregnancy; protection and optimal development of fetal brain; infertility management; role of the father's health, and more.

The Natural Way to a Trouble-Free Pregnancy describes:
  • the role of megathiamine in preventing toxemia & treating pregnancy complications
  • actual cases where thiamine saved mothers & babies from near certain death
  • how thiamine works in the body to attain remarkable results
  • why megathiamine should be given to all prenatal patients
  • preconception nutritional needs of mothers and fathers
  • why pregnancy toxemia, though entirely preventable, still occurs worldwide

    Learn how 1,000+ prenatal patients who were given this protection had trouble-free pregnancies and delivered strong, vigorous babies, with no prematurity, no growth retardation, no fetal death, no premature separation of the placenta, and no need for cesarean deliveries because of fetal heart irregularities.

    A must-read for prospective parents, doctors, midwives, doulas and health researchers
    Just as extra folic acid (vitamin B9) recently gained widespread acceptance as a preventive treatment for some neurological birth defects, high-dose thiamine (vitamin B1) will soon become standard in pregnancy. Megathiamine causes no adverse reactions. You cannot overdose on thiamine!

    You can visit Dr. Irwin at his website:

    The information in this book is potentially life-saving! Ronnie L. Dubrowin, Certified Nurse-Midwife, MS

    "After reading this revolutionary book, I have consulted clients, applying the principles taught, and I have seen immediate improvements. Every woman, especially child-bearing women, needs to be taking high-dose Thiamine. Dr. Irwin's powerful book on megathiamine is a must-read for every pregnant woman.

    "I feel very strongly that every woman - especially pregnant women - have a right and an obligation to become empowered through knowledge. We owe it to ourselves, our children, our posterity and to the world. I think that's why I am so attracted to Dr. Irwin's book - it is so full of critical knowledge for not only our welfare as women and mothers, but for the whole human race. We cannot leave our fates in the hands of others - we must arm ourselves with knowledge.

    I highly recommend this truly empowering ground-breaking book!" Janie Brown - Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator

    "I have known John B. Irwin, M.D. since our obstetrical residencies, through military service, then during years of busy private practice in separate Connecticut cities. His integrity and dedication to the highest ideals of medicine are unquestioned. He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to collect and analyze unrelated observations often resulting in, "Now why didn't I think of that?" responses from his peers.

    "After he told me of his vitamin B1 theory in pregnancy, I started all pregnant patients on 100 mg of thiamine daily. In my last several years in practice I had a zero incidence of toxemia of pregnancy, or pregnancy-induced hypertension, even in first pregnancies where a 5 percent incidence is expected.

    "I regret that neither Dr. Irwin nor I managed to convince obstetrical leaders in organized medicine to run the large clinical trials necessary to definitively overcome the attitude that a simple vitamin deficiency could not be the answer to this severe and complex obstetrical problem.

    Philip C. Dennen M.D. DABOG, FACOG, FACS
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