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The New Woman Manager

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By: Sharon Lamhut Willen

Price $14.95 - ISBN 0944031110

Think of The New Woman Manager as your personal mentor -- by your side whenever you need help with challenges of mangement in today's fast paced, often perplexing business environment. The cases presented here include all those delicate, subtle, and sticky situations in which a wrong word, a wrong look -- even a wrong gesture -- can transform a minor problem into a full-blown managerial crisis. This book will guide you past these obstacles.

For quick help, turn to the "Direct Problem Solver" at the back of the book. Here you can pinpoint a problem and find its solution in a matter of seconds. This is every working woman's best friend.

"The New Woman Manager is filled with excellent practical suggestions for anyone who wants to make it in business. The author knows what she is talking about, tells how to succeed as a new manager, and gives real life examples to educate the reader. Men in business should read this if they want to get ahead also."

--June Rokoff
Senior Vice President, Lotus Development

"Technical competence alone is insufficient for the new woman manager. She needs to understand the expectations that go with her new role. This book provides practical advice by pinpointing dozens of practical solutions to most of the transitional problems. The structure is convenient. The advice and information are on the mark. The tone is just right. I heartily recommend this book to anyone (man or woman) contemplating or moving into a supervisory or management role."

--Sandra Masnick
Vice President of Human Resources, Bethpage Federal Credit Union

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