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The Penis Dialogues:  Handle With Care

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By: Gabriel Constans

Price $12.95    ISBN 0-944031-94-3

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After seeing The Vagina Monologues, by Eve Ensler, Gabriel Constans realized the value of a similar investigation into men's feelings about their penis and its influence on them and others. THE PENIS DIALOGUES: Handle With Care explores the penis' effects upon men's lives and how being male is experienced and perceived. Men of various ages, occupations, sexual orientations and cultures talk about love, sex, relationships and painful, humorous and joyful moments with themselves and others.

This book investigates and lays bare the facts, myths, experiences, misperceptions and stories of that part of men's bodies by which they are so often defined. The book goes beyond the cliches, jokes and comparisons of male virility and power as men speak from the heart with honesty, curiosity, shock, bemusement and surprise.

It is not about judging, manipulating or reinforcing inequality and power in men's relationships. It is not about being "better" or "worse" than anyone else. You will not find tales of sexual exploits presented to titillate, boast or brag about being macho, though stories told from the penis's point of view are one of its interlocking threads.

While talking about the penis in ways men seldom have spoken before, they discover the common ground upon which they stand and celebrate their differences and similarities. As they painstakingly share their lives and insights, they begin to see the possibility of breaking the thousand year old chains of cultural conditioning and stereotyping that have kept them separated from one another and from the opposite sex.

Written with gratitude and respect for the seminal work of Eve Ensler in The Vagina Monologues


  • Provides useful information and little known facts about the penis, such as: o The benefits of strengthening the Pubucoccygeal (PC) muscle o Men, like women, can have multiple orgasms o Orgasm and ejaculation are not necessarily one and the same o The lifetime pleasures of Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) o The similarities between male and female physiology and psychology.

  • Gives men's cocks a voice with entertaining, dramatic and true tales told from the point of view of the penis. Stories include: The Primordial Ooze; Rising to the Occasion; The Agony & the Ecstasy; Bouncing for Joy; Look Dad, No Hands; Blowing His Top; Duck Therapy; and more.

  • Shares insights, questions and challenges about men's (and women's) thoughts, feelings, actions and attitudes about sexuality, gender, stereotypes, relationships and living as a male in 21st century America. Topics cover first sexual discoveries, masturbation, abuse, circumcision, fathers and sons, relationships, cultural conditioning and expectations.


"I was struck by this book's humor, probing curiosity and genuine compassion." -

    Eve Ensler (Playwright and author of The Vagina Monologues)

"The Penis Dialogues: Handle with Care is a pioneering work of literature. Men's feelings and attitudes about their sexuality, gender and experiences of being male have seldom been spoken of with such honesty and insight. Read this book!"

   Bob Stahl, Ph.D. ; Director of Stress Reduction Program

"Gabriel Constans has created a heads up, hands on exploration of the male member. It is both amusing and informative."

   James McElheron; Building Consultant and Supervisor

"This book has started a dialogue that we will continue with the men and women in our lives. I predict that you too will start asking others some of the questions the author has posed. I hope the penis dialogues have only just begun."

   Elizabeth Sparks; Videographer and Historian

"Rarely have men's relationship to their bodies and sexuality been as enlightening and entertaining. It's not often that a book arrives on the scene that comes in so handy."

   Bruce Hobson; Health Educator

"The Penis Dialogues - Handle With Care gives voice with a vulnerable honesty to the experience of male sensuality and sexuality. Read it with care, the opportunity for deeper understanding and healing for both men and women alike is woven throughout this book."

   Jan Landry; Chaplain

"Good to see forbidden topics brought out into the open, along with historical and scientific facts interspersed between interesting stories told from the penis's perspective."

   Lon Price; Master Auto Mechanic


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