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Through The Eyes Of Santa

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By: Robert Clifton Goodman Jr.

Price US$ $14.95; Canada $22.95 ISBN 0-944031-96-X

In 1970, Robert Clifton Goodman Jr. author of  Through the Eyes of Santa: Stories From a Veteran Santa's Helper was ordered by a superior officer to don a mop-beard and entertain village children in the jungles of Vietnam. It was a casting triumph, destined to be repeated thousands of times over the next 30 years with growing passion—and a more dignified wardrobe.


  People of all ages will enjoy this tribute to the many thousands of Santa's helpers who donate their time each holiday season by wearing red velvet suits and curly white beards and making appearances at malls, hospitals, businesses, parties and private homes. The book protects Santa's legend by never giving away any holiday secrets.


Among others, readers meet

·        Braids, a spunky 8-year-old with terminal cancer

·        Danny and his sister, Alden, whose faith is tested when Santa's beard blows away and is stuck in a power line

·        suspicious Stevie, who visits the author at home and discovers the red suit hanging in the bathroom

·        Benny, who surprises Santa in his yard with a garden hose between his legs

·        Tiny the Elf who helps Santa confront an abusive father


"Santa has a sharp eye for storytelling…his short, concise accounts, of impossible wishes made real and funny answers to skeptical children, are timeless."

William F. Wu, Ph.D., Author of the series, Isaac Asimov's Robots in Time


"Readers of all faiths will be inspired and maybe get a little misty at these true tales of authentic Christmas spirit." Dennis Anderson,

Journalist of Year Special Honor 2004, Suburban Newspapers of America;  Author of the novels Target Stealth, Blackbird and Arthur King

! I became so caught up in his accounts of the children that I found myself weeping with heartbreak one moment and laughing with joy the next.. This is a must-read for everyone”

Blaine M. Yorgason, author of The Windwalker, Charlie's Monument and One Tattered Angel


"Robert Goodman brings the Santa Claus legend new perspective. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to actually be Santa in the eyes of thousands of kids? Goodman lets you know, in a sincere and dedicated true story of his experiences in the red suit. You'll find it funny and sweet and very human. It's a terrific Christmas gift from Santa  himself." Adam West, Actor, classic Batman


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