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Win in the Arena of Life

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By: Ricky Anderson

Price U.S. $14.95; Canada $22.95
ISBN 0-944031-95-1

Achieve the Success You've Dreamed Of!

A Champion Athlete Shows You the Ropes

When former welterweight boxing champion Ricky Anderson retired from the ring in 1987, winning was a subject he knew intimately. As he pursued a university education, worked as a TV sportscaster and drug prevention specialist, and gained notoriety as a motivational speaker, inspiring others to win became his passion.

Ricky shares firsthand knowledge of what it takes to turn life's challenges into magnificent victories, making this book one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-read blueprints for success you will ever find.

Win in the Arena of Life will show you how to:

  • Discover and affirm your true worth
  • Set motivating goals and stay focused on your winning plan
  • Program yourself with positive thoughts
  • Consistently perform in what athletes call the "zone"
  • Overcome fear, lethargy and procrastination
  • Put enthusiasm and energy into everything you do o Use adversity to your advantage, developing a winner's edge
  • Put more laughter and joy in your life


ADVANCE PRAISE for Ricky Anderson & Win in the Arena of Life "Ricky Anderson is a winner in the arena of life. Using numerous examples, he shows the way to grab hold of the adversities, trials and tribulations of life and turn them into invaluable learning experiences. We can all learn from this book…"

Felix (LeRoy) Perry - Author Red Soil


Ricky uses human interest stories, power phrases, analogies, examples, quotes and humorous incidents to hold your interest and keep you involved in the total message. Open it to any page for quick inspiration, or read a full chapter for insight on a specific personal power skill, or read it cover to cover to ensure your success in the arena of life. Then start over. But read carefully for his words are like golden coins tossed into a peaceful lake. Once you've read them, they may ripple across your life forever."

Claudia Armstrong Senior Business Analyst


"Ricky's enthusiasm and positive approach to life has a lasting impact on those he meets. I have had the pleasure of hearing Ricky speak about his approach to life's experiences with youth organizations, transportation and human resource specialists and health professionals and he receives the same response from all - once you've heard him, you never forget his positive outlook! Congratulations Ricky on the launch of your book."

Patti Pike Executive Director, Strategic Services Public Service Commission


I've had the pleasure of growing up in the inner city of Halifax with Ricky Anderson. Ricky has always had an enthusiasm and positive attitude towards life that is contageous. He has a lasting impact on others. Recently, I have had the pleasure of hearing Ricky speak about some of life's challenges, his own successes and struggles in the boxing ring and the drive that led him to become an excellent motivational speaker and councellor. His message is inspirational to everyone.

Gilbert Daye Chairman D.W. Buddy Daye Foundation

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