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Workout for the Soul

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Price $14.95 - ISBN 0-944031-90-0

You DO have time to nourish your soul every day!

This book contains a simple, yet powerful action plan for spiritual enrichment in just 15 minutes a day.

Chrissie Blaze teaches:

-Who you are, why you are here and where you are going

-Ways to enhance your sensitivity, intuition and creativity

-How to unlock your divine potential (the great psychic spirtual powers within you) improving your physical and spirtual health

-How to use the magical secrets of affirimation, visualization and healing prayer to transform your life and become a healer and peacemaker

-Methods of healing from a distance

-How to becomemore dynamic, and magnetically alive

-More about your soul and techniqes to experience its riches

"At last, a TRULY PRACTICAL book about how to survive these stress-filled times. A book full of inspired spiritual practices." David Davies, Rock Roll Hall of Fame lead guitarist and founder of The Kinks

"Workout for the Soul is an elegant concept, and well executed." Dr. Marcia Yudkin, marketing expert, editor and author of 10 books

"This innovative book offers a simple, step-by-step exercise program for inner fitness. work on our spirtual life, we can be successful in everything we do." Dr. John Holder, Chairman, Chelsea Financial Services, Ltd., London, England

Chrissie is pleased to introduce the talented singer/songwriter, Curt Harpel, who was inspired by the amazing secrets of prayer as taught by the late Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, (see this book "Workout for the Soul" for information about these prayer secrets) to write his wonderful song "Power of Prayer" which she urges you to listen to here. Curt is currently writing a collection of songs based on spiritual teachings which will be released later this year. Curt is an extremely talented person and no doubt he will produce a remarkable CD collection.

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