Robert B. Luce

Nancy Nehlsen

Nancy Nehlsen has created fanciful charactes to help teach Mrs. Stewarts etiquette lessons to very young children in Princess Marjabelle Visits Lollygag Lake. Nancy has served as President of a marketing firm in Davenport, Iowa for over 20 years. Throughout that time she has satisfied her love for children and concerns for their welfare by being a foster mother for 8 years, serving on the board of a home for displaced children, writing education books and audio tapes for children and raising her own three children, Sean, Alex, and Jillian. At three years old, Alex created the characters at Lollygag Lake as bathtime friends.

Nancy lives with her husband, Doug, and their children in Taylor Ridge, Illinois.

Robert B. Luce Books by Nancy Nehlsen

Princess Marjabelle Visits Lollygag Lake

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