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Let's Do Fingerplays

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By: Marion Grayson

Price $14.95 - ISBN 0-88331-003-1

For the first time in one volume, Mrs. Grayson has collected the best-loved traditional "fingerplay" songs and poems - plus many new rhymes which have grown out of our modern way of living.

Children - from pre-school age through first and second grade - will be entranced by this collection and its charming illustrations by Nancy Weyl.

All kinds of childhood activities and interests are included in the group: getting dressed, eating, sleeping, visiting, watching animals, enjoying nature, and simply having fun with rhymes and had gestures.

Mothers and teachers will find Let's Do Fingerplays conveniently indexed for easy reference to the many well-loved ditties and poems in this anthology.

Rhymes for holidays and different seasons of the year are prominent in this collection, as well as several selections designed to help the child learn to count.

Each fingerplay is accompanied byu simple, line-by-line instructions for the use of the hands to dramatize the rhymes, based on Mrs. Grayson's extensive experience with nursery school-age children at the National Child Research Center in Washington, D. C.

The Director of the Center says of Marion Grayson: "She has worked diligently for years gathering this collection. The fingerplays in this book have proved most popular wioth both pre-school and kindergarten children. Not only are the actions and expressions of these fingerplays enjoyed by the individual child - they also have a special appeal in the classroom and elsewhere with groups of children."


"This compilation of fingerplays includes the best of the old and a wide variety of delightful originals by the author. Together, they offer convincing proof that the author not only knows and understands young children but that she also has keen insight into the things which bring them fun and happiness."

--- Doris Erwin Hawkins, Consultant, National Child Research Center, Washington, D.C.

"I was very pleased with the variety and quantity of plays in Marion Grayson's Let's Do FINGERPLAYS. There are many books on fingerplays, but all I have seen have been very short and confined mostly to the nursery rhymes and traditional poems. This one has an abundance of material."

--- Margaret A. Stant, Assistant Professor of Childhood Education, University of Maryland

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