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Stand Up, Shake Hands, Say How Do You Do Click here to order this book from Amazon.com

By: Marjabelle Young Stewart and Ann Buchwald

Price $15.95 - ISBN 0-88331-100-3

Stand Up, Shake Hands, Say "How Do You Do" is a practical, no-nonsense guide to everyday good manners aimed at boys from the ages of six to twelve (although their older brothers may snitch it): It tells young boys exactly what to do and say, how to behave with grace and confidence in any formal or informal situation.

Before self-consciousness has a chance to set in, young boys have a right to know what will be expected of them as they grow into manhood. From the ages of six or seven on, the authors believe that just knowing the words "please" and "thank you" is not enough to make a boy feel at ease around other people. He would like to be proud of a good, firm handshake...know when to sit down, when to stand up...know the code of good sportmanship...know how to handle conversations...know what to do about telephone messages and invitations...and when he is away from his own dinner table, be able to choose the right fork, cut his meat properly, and know when to start eating.

Good manners become part of a boy when he is first meeting new friends and new problems, going to school dances and parties, and into other people's homes. Throughout his life these same manners will become so natural and easy that they will guarantee his popularity and respect from friends, in school and in public, and later on in college and on the job.

With the aid of this unique book, a boy can easily learn or be taught what he needs to know about table manners, introductions, going to parties or giving them, being a houseguest or entertaining one, traveling, restaurants, going to sporting events, writing letters and thank-yous easily and quickly, and above all else, about being an admired and loved member of his own family.

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