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What to do When and Why

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By: Marjabelle Young Stewart and
     Ann Buchwald

Price $14.95 - 0-88331-105-4

This is the complete book of social guidance for those difficult preteen and teen years when so much of a young girl's world is changing along with how the world views her, when a young girl becomes a young woman. The authors strss etiquette and good manners, but also offer sound advice in such areas as beauty, exercise, diet, and many others.

This frank and warmly personal discussion will foster the poise and confidence necessary to help young people feel at ease in their important day-to-day activities. These lessons of social living will become a part of the reader and then will be a great benefit when she wants to make new friends, or later on be comfortable and assured in college or on the job. These changes let the reader like herself better - the first step to poise, beauty, and happiness.

What to do When and Why is the third book by this experienced team of writers, and in it they cover the topics which most often cause anxiety in the self-conscious young years:

  • Traveling Alone
  • If You Think Your Parents are Still in the Dark Ages
  • Divorce Isn't the End of the World
  • Boy-Girl Talk
  • How to Manage You Own Money
  • What to do When Your Family is "Different"
  • Party Ideas with a Different Twist and even delicious recipes for special party foods!

This wide range of areas is explored in a clear, easy-to-understand style, with empasis on what causes the problem, how to recognize it in oneself, and then how to correct it.

What to do When and Why also offers today's young woman advice on the subject of work, guiding her through the many physical and emotional changes which occur when her mother goes out of the home to work. It even offers discussion of possible pursuits for junior career girls, along with helpful hints for novices. These are ways to make money, have lots of fun, and still demonstrate responsibility to parents and other adults.

Marjabelle Young Stewart and Ann Buchwald advise, "These are your green years, your in the best part of your life. You're really and truly growing....Now is the time to plan a few goals, look forward to high school, take stock of yourself and the direction in which you hope to go.


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