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Your Body Believes Every Word You Say

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Note that this book is published by WordsWork Press

Your Body Belives Every Word You Say 

By: Barbara Hoberman Levine

Price $ 17.95 -
ISBN 0-88331-219-0

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"My twenty years of medical practice has confirmed the truth found in Your Body Believes Every Word You Say. Barbara's message is an eye-opener." Christiane Northrup M. D., Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom.

Barbara Levine's fifteen-year struggle with a then-inoperable brain tumor led her to discover "seedthoughts" and "core beliefs" that link one's mind and body. She traced common phrases like "that breaks my heart" and "it's a pain in the butt" to the underlying beliefs on which they are based and the symptoms they cause. The revised and updated edition of Your Body Believes Every Word You Say' clearly describes this mind/body language link.

Levine's book: 
shows how to avoid diseasing language that sabotages your wellness

lists hundreds of common expressions we use unconsciously every day and illustrates how these seedthoughts can set us up for illness

teaches how to decode physical sensations in order to discover the underlying seedthoughts and core beliefs

describes how to draw up a customized Operating Manual that you can use to keep your body healthy

contains detailed instructions for over 50 self-help experiences teaches powerful holistic healing techniques

shows how to bring disease-causing ideas from your subconscious to your conscious mind-and reprogram your life dramatically for the better

"In simple, non-medical terminology, Levine's inspiring story demonstrates how, instead of remaining a passive victim, you can use illness as a tool for increased self-understanding and, ultimately, healing." Rabbi Steven Rosman author of Jewish Healing Wisdom

"Barbara Levine's journey is one of courage and growth. We can all learn from her experience. She shows us what we are capable of and how to achieve our full healing potential." Bernie Siegel, M. D., Author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles.

Reviews posted on Barnes & Noble's website bn.com
Those who, in the past, might have dismissed that which Barbara Hoberman Levine terms the 'Body/Mind Connection' - the effect our words have on our health --will be hard-pressed to do so after reading her book. Another writer might have been content to simply relate her tale of triumph over a life-threatening brain tumor. However, Ms. Hoberman Levine has a much more important mission: To share with readers the insight she gained during her search for a cure -- as well as during subsequent research -- so that they, too, might live healthier lives. The sheer weight of evidence in this book should influence the most skeptical reader to begin to choose his or her words more carefully. ...And that will be good for everyone's health.

This inspiring book is chock full of new ways to look at life -- including health and illness. The exercises are practical and helpful. While I was reading the book and since, I think twice about the words I use when I speak and think.

To contact Barbara Levine write to Barbara1@aslanpublishing.com


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